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Breed Experiments – Polwarth

Friday, February 1st, 2019

The final braid from The Shepherd’s Hut was some lovely soft Polwarth in what turned out to be a bit of a pink colour way.  The photos looked a little more purple on Etsy, but the description did say pink.

This fibre was wonderful to draft and spin with a worsted short draw – lovely and soft and well behaved :o)


On the blending board I tried putting less fibre on and only make 2 rolags at a time, which I think was easier to do.  Though obviously makes it a little harder to keep my rolags all matching.


Whilst spinning this with a long draw it was really quite adamant about being spun thinner than I intended.  Although given the colour is so much lighter than my others I suspect it won’t be making it into the crazy cardigan at the end so I wasn’t trying particularly hard to fight against it.  The yarn is wonderfully soft! :o)

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