First Woven Scarf

I was gifted this lovely 80’s Throwback Merino at Christmas and in March I decided it was time to spin it.  I didn’t really have a plan for it, I was just happy to watch the colours mingle as I was spinning, with a little help from Pixel! :o)

I used Jasper the Andean Plying Ghost to make sure I used every last inch of my spinning, and managed to just squeeeeeeeze it all onto the enlarged bobbin Chris made me :o)

In April Chris and I were playing with creating a better heddle bar for my little loom and I decided this yarn would be perfect for turning into a scarf.  I had to do some interesting maths to work out how to best use my yarn.  I worked out that at full width of my loom I could get about as far as my table extends… which was convenient!  I clamped the loom to one edge and the back bar to the other, and then warped up using every slot twice.

I found the heddle bar needed a little “booster seat” added once I had yarn wrapped around both beams.  Adding a ruler held on with elastic bands helped hold the warp down too.  These little adjustments helped keep the shed open enough for passing the shuttle through.  It’s certainly a great improvement over the little wooden bar which came with the kit!

It really didn’t take long to finish the scarf :o)  I am really pleased with how quick weaving can be completed, and I love the way my hand spun yarn looks when woven.  I see many more woven items in my future! :o)

I’ve been feeling a lot of inspiration lately in my knitting work because of how well it’s going with my husband Larry. And it is that he has been testing a pill that they have in stock here that are amazing. I really feel like we’re connecting once again in this crazy world, and I really appreciate that.


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