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Vegas 2013 – Day 20 – Nove

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

As we are rather rapidly running out of days, we decided to go to Hooters for brunch… mmmm wings! :) We did swap the celery for a big salad though and had less wings, to make it more lunch like ;)

Then we decided to cross a few things off our todo list, the first being KISS mini golf. We meant to go here last time but never made it, so we figured we’d better actually get there this time! ;) It’s a round of mini golf played in the dark with lots of cool glow in the dark paintings on the walls, and glow in the dark balls! It’s a fairly simple course, but a good way to spend 45 minutes (plus, we had a BOGOF!) :)

Despite my 2 hole-in-ones we had identical scores at the end thanks to my inability to aim a few times ;) We were given a card for a free round next time, so I suspect we’ll come back next visit for another go :)

Then we headed over to the Pinball Hall of Fame to lose some time to the machines :) The South Park machine we lost all our time to last visit was nowhere to be found. We played on an annoying Simpsons game which was clearly broken as every time you entered the garage you had to wait a long time for the ball to reappear! We also played on an Iron Man machine which had a pop up figure you had to hit, and this great old game with racing cars which went round to score points! :)

As always happens there, time passed too quickly and it was suddenly time to head back to get changed before going out to dinner. Tonight we had reservations at Nove, mostly because we had a coupon for 50% off (up to $50) which worked there. We were surprised to discover that the restaurant was way up at the top of the tower, and we had an awesome view! :)

We had some bread to start, followed by the Salumi (a selection of cured meats, cheese, a red pizza, olives and picked veg), then I had the Raviloi and Chris had the Risotto. I had a Purple Wolf cocktail which was rather scrummy too ;)

All the food was very tasty and as we finished our mains the sun was going down and the neon all beginning to light up :)

Figuring we needed to wait a little longer for the view to be even better, we ordered desert ;) We had the Cannoli which claimed we got to make them ourselves… they weren’t kidding! :)

What a mess we made trying to get all that cream and topping into 5 little cannoli ;) The view before we left was worth it though, as we got to see the lights in all their glory! :D

We paid for the balance of the meal after the coupon with Chris’ points so it was an awesome free dinner! :D

The night ended with more video poker at Hooters, as is often the case now ;)