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Flag Matching Cookies!

Monday, August 9th, 2010

To celebrate the release of Flag Matching (available for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad!) I decided it was time to do some baking! :) We discussed possible cake ideas, but in the end I decided that with cookies and strawberry laces we could recreate the game play! :D

I have recently been browsing the Evil Shenanigans blog for recipes so thought I’d try out their Butter Cut Out Cookie Recipe. It wasn’t a great success to be honest… admittedly I replaced the milk with some double cream I had in the fridge which needed using up, but I don’t think that should have made it too runny? Perhaps my egg was too big? I ended up adding in a lot of extra flour (about another cup) before I got something I thought might roll after chilling. It didn’t! We ended up placing the cutters on the baking tray and smooshing the cookie dough into them to get the shapes! I was a little too frustrated during all of that process to take any photos… but once the cookies came out of the oven I was feeling a little happier with them…

Cooling Cookies

Once cooled I employed some helpers and set about creating some flags and country labels…

Cookie Decorating

I was actually rather impressed at our ability to recreate flags :) The writing of country names was a little harder, especially when the icing ran off and took the names with them. Cayden insisted on writing the names of his countries in their native languages just to make it more difficult! :)

Finished Flags

Once we were finished we cleaned up the icing (which might have gotten everywhere!) and set about recreating the game in tasty cookies…

Ready to Play

So that’s how you can recreate a game in cookies! :) What game would you like to see recreated in an edible fashion? :)

Oh, and despite the difficulty in cookie creation, I’m pleased to report they were very tasty…

Tasty Cookies!