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Welcome to Starlit Skies' website. This website provides information on the websites I have worked on and the games & apps I have created.

I graduated from Keele University in 2003 with a first in Computer Science and Mathematics. I have always enjoyed writing websites and after graduating I worked through my parents' company, Compact Services, writing websites for a number of their clients as well as a number of my own clients. I spent 6 months with Cyber Media Solutions working on a number of websites using Coldfusion and Fusebox. Then in June 2006 I joined Astraware where I created games for iPhone and Windows Mobile for over 3 years. In May 2010 I joined Lightwood Consultancy where I am currently creating games and apps for the iPhone.

I am able to program in a number of languages including C++, Objective C, Java, C# and Visual Basic 6 as well as all common languages required for writing websites including XHTML, CSS, Javascript, VBScript, ASP and PHP. I can also write data driven websites using Microsoft Access databases or MySQL.

Please browse my website and check out some of the others that I have written. If you have any comments on my work or suggestions for new games then feel free to contact me.


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