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Trüberbrook Spoiler Free Trophy Guide

Wednesday, September 1st, 2021

Trüberbrook is a very beautiful point-and-click adventure game which I enjoyed playing.  I didn’t enjoy having to keep a guide open filled with spoilers just so I could ensure I got the Platinum trophy.  So, having completed the game, here’s my spoiler free condensed guide for other people to use :o)

The game has no manual save feature and performs an autosave any time you change area (there is a saving icon bottom right).  If you realise you’ve just missed something, quickly close the game and reopen and you should be returned to when you first entered whichever area you were in.  There are a few places you’ll want to make a manual backup to the cloud so you can reload an earlier save.

There are 35 collectible dictaphone notes and 4 collectible newspapers.

There is one newspaper to find in each chapter.

A number of the dictaphone messages are only available briefly – check items in each area for the REC option before you start messing with things!

You can check how many dictaphone entries you have by holding R1 to view inventory.
By the end of Chapter 1 you should have 18 entries. The easy to miss ones involve Klaus and broken armour.
Chapter 2 only has one entry which is automatic.
Chapter 3 has one outside the mine you might miss. Should be at 24 at the end of this chapter.
Chapter 4 has new entries for some earlier items, also don’t miss crows and mushrooms.

There are trophies for exhausting dialogue options with many characters about their back story – apparently these can be a bit argumentative. You need to finish the conversation with “Goodbye” or similar before the trophy will pop.

Fairly early on there is an option to tell someone about a theft – DO NOT tell her! (Required for the “A Matter of Perspective” trophy for not calling the cops which doesn’t pop until later)

There are two trophies related to using a coin, and only one coin! Save it to drop in a hole to make a wish, but before you do, you need to exit the game and backup your save data to the cloud. Achieve the trophy, then restore your game. Don’t drop the coin this time, and instead save it for a telescope.

There is a trophy for solving a door opening puzzle on your first try. When you find yourself in front of a large door opening puzzle, quit the game and back up your save to the cloud. Return to the game, enjoy solving the puzzle in your own time, then reload your save and do it right ‘first time’ to unlock “Open, Sesame!”

When talking to Barbarossa, DO NOT say you are Dr Von Streck or you won’t be able to get all his back story for the related trophy.

When it comes to a raffle – ensure you exhaust all dialog options and then say goodbye to a new character before you mention the raffle.

Apparently the concert trophy may refuse to pop… so before you use anything with the musician, quit the game and backup your save. The concert is the moment to enjoy fireworks (100 for a trophy, just keep pressing X) and “…Then I’ll Make You Mine” should pop once the concert ends.  If it doesn’t pop, try quitting the game and just reopening it with the last autosave, it should put you at the end of the concert and pop the trophy.  Otherwise, reload your backup and try again.

There are two endings to the game so when you find yourself back in the vault you should backup your save so you can see both of them.

The trophy guide I used whilst playing was this one and if you get stuck it should help – there’s a full walkthrough which is good too.  Or leave a comment and I’ll attempt to help without giving away too much :o)