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Worcle Update

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Those of you not on my beta team might be wondering what’s happening with Worcle… it has been rather quiet on the development front I know. I’m pleased to say that it is progressing nicely and I’m ever hopeful that I’ll get it all finished before the end of the summer :)

I have both game modes working nicely, so you can choose whether to work along at your own pace scoring as highly as possible, or fight against the clock to get your words made. I have highscores working (though name entry only on Android and iPhone at present). I have neatened up the graphics, though I’m still not 100% happy with them… they are much better than they were :)

I still have a long todo list… some bug fixing, a reworking of the dictionary system, and a few more features to put in (like trophies, and maybe some form of social network integration). But the end is in sight, my todo list is shrinking, and there’s nothing huge and scary left to add :)

So today I have finally paid Apple the $99 to become a proper, paid developer, and those of you with iPhones, iPod Touches or an iPad (real iPad support will be in Airplay at the end of June, but for now it should work just in iPhone resolution) should register on here if you haven’t already and then email me your UDID :D I only have limited places, and I’m more likely to give you a slot if I know you but leave me a nice message here and I might add you even if I don’t! You also have to promise not to share the game with anyone (less easy to do on iPhone anyway).

Thanks to finally finding a job, I’m only working on Worcle one or two days a week. I’m trying to get updates out on a Friday to give weekend play time :) This means I am hoping to get a new beta up this evening for everyone to play, and if Apple play nice (i.e. email me back quickly) and you’re speedy with your UDID, then you might get to play for the weekend! :D