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Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

I do a lot of crafting, particularly with yarn. Over the years I have built up rather a large stash of lovely smooshy yarn :) Perhaps too large a stash! So this year I intend to work at reducing the pile. Each project I complete is being marked on Ravelry with the total weight so I can keep track.

To celebrate my first kilogram I thought I would share my projects on here too :)

First up was Sasha’s bed:
This was an awesome stash busting project using a whopping 850g in only a few hours :)

Next came a pattern test for a friend:
This was a slow knit as I’ve not done double knitting before and I suck at following charts! It used up 85g.

A very quick donut mug cozy:
A random creation for Chris after he saw mug cozies on Ravelry but wanted something more unique. I particularly like that the side he drinks from says “nut” :) Only 10g though!

Then another pattern test of a cute bear:
Chris named him “Squidgey Yay Bear” which has stuck :) Including his stuffing, he weighs 35g.

Next up was some random yarn from Abakahn, bought in a sale and lacking a ball band. I thought the colours were lovely and it was soft enough to want near my skin, so I used up every last yard making these:
That was 120g of yarn used in some improvised gloves and hat :)

A total of 1.1kg so far and still going strong :)