Vegas – Day 10 – Players Clubs

Today we had a bit of a slow start due to changing our mind about going to Grand Canyon and getting distracted by the internet. Eventually we wandered over to Excalibur for some Krispy Kreme based breakfast…

Excalibur castle!

Mmmmm, donut!

Then we headed over to Gold Coast to enter their Wednesday every one’s a winner offer and played through 400 points on video poker to get three entries and another 15,000 points. Then into TGI Fridays for some lunch :) The donuts had made us realise we were hungry so lunch followed shortly after! I had an Ultimate Salad and Chris had a pecan encrusted chicken salad…

Ultimate Salad! Pecan encrusted chicken!

Next up was a trip to Palms (since it’s over the road) to see what their promotion was. It wasn’t very exciting so we just played through our free slot play from the previous day and then left. We headed over to Terrible’s to get me signed up to their players club :) For signing up I got a free tshirt and then 1000 points later a free sweatshirt plus my 1000 points doubled :) Woo! :) Oh, and $3 free slot play too! I do like the little Terrible dude, though find it an amusing name for branding – who wants a Terrible car wash, or Terrible petrol, etc.

Worcle and Terrible

Then we came back to Tropicana to sign me up here. The coupon I had for double points they couldn’t do, so gave me $10 free slot play instead, and would match up to a $200 loss in your first day… a short while later I had lost $200 of Chris’ money… but he told me to! Playing video poker at $15/time is weird… though I did have a nice win at one point… it just all went back into the machine! The first half of the match we didn’t lose all of at least… but I left feeling glad it wasn’t my money! I don’t see myself getting into this gambling things like Chris does – I understand it’s long term, and that it basically evens out with all the comps… but still!

Next up was dinner! Time to head over to Tony Roma’s for some ribs :D Though we got slightly distracted by a starter too!

Yummy starter


Then there was a little more photo taking on the way back before heading to bed :)

Stratosphere Silhouette

Hard Rock Cafe Neon

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