Vegas – Day 9 – Off To Tropicana

Today was our final morning at Mandalay Bay so we got up early and made use of our VIP entry again to grab some good seats. We played about with Worcle for a bit before heading into the pools…

Worcle lounges abour

Worcle and the waves

Worcle gets dry

We had a good splash about in the waves and then much floating round and round the lazy river many times :) For a lazy river it has a couple of good, fast corners :D We spent about an hour and a half enjoying the water before heading back to the room for a quick pack, jacuzzi, shower, and check out by 11. Obviously this meant me messing around with my new camera to enjoy the view we won’t get again (not this trip at least)…

View from Mandalay Daytime view of THE hotel from Mandalay View from Mandalay with zooooom

We headed over to the Tropicana but were too early to check in, so we left our bags there and headed over to The Orleans for a buffet lunch using the points I’d won at Gold Coast last week – woo, free food! :)

Orleans Buffet Brunch - Plate 1 Orleans Buffet Brunch - Plate 2 Orleans Buffet Brunch - Plate 3

Orleans Buffet Brunch - Plate 4 Worcle joins in for dessert!

Where's Worcle?

After that we headed over to Palms to play in their swipe and win and each got some free slot play for the next day. Then we headed over to the Sahara for the sale. The hotel & casino have been closed and they’re selling off everything. Literally! Carpets, lights, signs, everything. It was bizarre being in a basically empty, silent casino. Obvious damage on walls where signs and posters had already been removed, price stickers on everything. Chris was clearly upset to see somewhere he’d enjoyed playing being sold off piece by piece. So we spent a long time wandering and taking photos and then purchased some glasses, cards and slot signs.

A desserted Sahara

Awesome ceiling

Pretty light

After that we finally checked into Tropicana and are rather pleased with the room. It’s only 7th floor and one room ;) But we have a good view, and the room is large and comfortable. It’s been recently redecorated and the theming is really nice – lots of bamboo and palm trees/leaves. It’s also the first hotel room with non-abstract art on the walls! :o

Once we had settled in a little, we decided it was time for dinner but I was exhausted! So we went to Sonic and enjoyed having our food skated over to us! ;) The burger (Blazin’ BBQ) was rather hotter than I expected (I had missed the second helping of in jalepenos the description!) but very nice. I was surprised how good the tots were as an alternative to fries, and the strawberry slushee was awesome :D

Sonic dinner, yum!

Then we went for a drive around so I could test out my new camera by taking photos of neon signs :) Here’s a little sample…

Palms sign

Orleans sign

Rio Sign Again!

Pretty Lights

View from Rio car park

If you want to see more, I have uploaded a lot more photos to flickr than I am sharing on here! Just click through on any photo to get to my account and see more :)

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