The Orleans

On Saturday it was time to bid farewell to the view of a wall in the Flamingo and move over to The Orleans. Only on the 9th floor but with a lovely view of the strip :o)


By the time we’d packed, moved hotels and unpacked again we were very hungry! So we went to the Firefly tapas and ate lots of yummy food :o)


After some deliberation we decided that we really wanted to see Evil Dead again tonight, since we’d be missing out on their new show next week and we had so much fun last night! :o) So we went and bought more tickets, hehe :o)

We spent the afternoon gambling at Sam’s Town and then headed back to get changed before the evenings entertainment. The car park was totally packed and rather a nightmare! Ugh!

We stopped at In’n’Out on the way and had more yummy food :o)


Evil Dead was awesome! Obviously! :o) Ended up in almost the same seats as the night before, which was a bit of a shame as I really wanted to be in the centre section. It was good though and we had a great time as always :o)


An even better photo with the cute baby kangaroo and 2 more fabulous tshirts for the collection! :o)


2 Responses to “The Orleans”

  1. Colette says:

    how many of those shirts do you guys have now?

    And did you take a pic from the New Orleans at night?

    • Katherine says:

      Surprisingly few! Of our 7 trips only 3 have been in Splatter zone and the first time we didn’t wear the shirts ;o) We must be the only people with pristine unsplashed ones! :o)

      Unfortunately the floodlights aimed at the Orleans meant I couldn’t get a good night photo… It was all just blinding light :o(

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