Sunset Park

Evil Dead on a Saturday is always a very late night (gone 3am!) so we were inevitably a little slow getting up on Sunday. On the bright side this meant we could have wings for a late brunch ;o)


We had Hot with the Parmesan Garlic this time. We were worried we might not get another chance at the latter after the questioning last time! Must remember that I like the hot better than the medium too :o)

It was an absolutely glorious day, the best weather we’d had all holiday! The sun was shining it was 25 degrees and we wanted to be outside! :o) So we drove over to Sunset Park and had a nice wander around.


It was lovely to see so many people out enjoying the sunshine. Families with picnics and using the BBQs. People enjoying sports of all kinds, including “disc golf” which is never seen before :o) We even found a group of LARPers out having fun! :o)


All around people were laughing and having fun and just enjoying the weather :o) To think they get to do this pretty much every Sunday! Very jealous of the weather! ;o)

On our way over to Sam’s Town we stopped at the cactus garden and I photographed the exciting signs of flowering :o)




We did a little gambling and then headed back to the Orleans as I wasn’t feeling too great. We chilled out in the room for a while and then went to the Mexican downstairs for some tasty dinner :o)


We played some Spin Poker with Dream Card and finally had a good win :o)


Hooray! :o)

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