Friday was, as I’m sure you know, Valentines Day :o) This meant casinos were giving away free chocolates! Yay! ;o)

We started the day by finally getting to Hash House for a giant breakfast :o)


Then we headed out to win some chocolates! We started at Gold Coast, then Orleans, and Sam’s Town, before heading down town to El Cortez and then Binions had a cuddly toy! By the end of the gambling we had quite a collection :o)


We didn’t have any dinner reservations so we made sure to turn up just as Tony Roma was opening so we could have some tasty ribs :o)


They forgot our spinach and artichoke dip and by the time we managed to grab a member of staff it kinda ended up as dessert ;o)


The plan for the evening was, obviously, Evil Dead the Musical! :o) We still had some time to kill so we played silly machines and drank cocktails :o)

If you haven’t heard me raving about the Evil Dead before then it’s high time you did! We ended our wedding day there and so it was the obvious choice for Valentines :o) In fact, it might have been the whole reason for booking this trip ;o)

We were in the splatter zone along the side, which gave a different view to normal. Whilst we couldn’t quite see some of the action when they were right at the front, we could see even more of the silliness the actors get up to in the background! :o)

At one point Jake starts attacking the moose, he plays shadow puppets too! A tree dances through a song at the back of the stage. Shelly can often be seen trying to practise the first song. It’s all very silly and the more times we go the more we notice :o)

We left the theatre suitably covered in blood :o)


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