Repeating Ourselves

Saturday was a day of doing things we’ve done before! :o)

We started off at the Lion Ranch :o) This was our third trip here! The tiny day old cubs we saw last trip are now 17 weeks old :o)


These three are now 7 months and were in a big sleepy heap! They did eventually wake up and play rough and tumble with each other and their mum :o)


This is one of the 5 brothers and they’re starting to grow manes! Such cute shagginess! :o)


The older lions are still cute too! :o)



We’d walked round many times and figured we’d better go before I insisted on a cub interaction ;o) Not quite so cute when they’re this big – fed till they sleep then you to to sit next one and stroke. I wanted to play with them ;o)

We headed over to Sam’s Town for a cheap buffet and some gambling :o) Fun gambling with multiple 4 of a kinds showing up :o)


Then it was over to Monte Carlo to see Blue Man Group :o) This is a different venue to last time and lots of different sketches. We had front row, right in the middle seats! :o) A little scary with all the audience interaction! Also a little sad we didn’t actually get covered in paint! But a fabulous show :o)


Then we gave into temptation and bought Evil Dead tickets for later that night. So we had to find food to pass the time. We wound up in the cafe in Paris. Diamond card got us a fabulous table and we ordered burgers, which were huge!


Then it was time for Evil Dead!! Yay!! :o) Apparently it doesn’t matter how many times we see it, I’m still super excited by going! :o) Greeter recognised us… Joked about it being our 23rd trip ;o) Sirc recognised us as we were being seated. Sat back in general admission which was very different!

Seeing Kolton play Scotty was great! Took a little getting used to all that filth coming from his mouth as he played such a sweet guy in the last show we saw him in! ;o)

The reason we had to go was for a cute little baby kangaroo! :o) Sirc had him on stage after the interval and we got to pet him and have a photo after the show :o)


We also chatted to Sirc after the show, who was amazed to see us again ;o) He remembered us and offered us tickets to see the “new” show on the day we fly out! Gah! They’re adding extra shows upstairs in the small theatre and apparently it’s going to be really different up there. Can we really rearrange our flights for a show we’ve already seen 5 times?!? ;o)

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