The High Roller Wheel

Today when we woke up at 5 am and opened the curtains something very exciting was happening… The lights on the High Roller wheel were on! :o)


The wheel is looking a whole lot more impressive than our last visit. It now has all the pods on the ring and apparently lights too! We watched the sun rise behind the wheel :o)




We went off and spent the day doing the usual things. Eating cheap food and gambling :o) Chris has a shiny new players card for The D and a funky King card at the Plaza :o)

When we returned the wheel was all lit up again, and now making patterns! :o)

I can’t seem to upload my video here so you’ll just have to watch on Facebook :o)

The wheel is still making pretty patterns. All sorts of different colours and timings :o) They’ve rotated it enough to hide the broken section behind a building too ;o)

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