Parchment Craft

Some time ago, Nikki and I went to a craft show where we saw parchment craft for the first time. I was inspired by the delicate designs, by the fact it looked very similar to the embossing techniques I already love, and I wanted to try. Alas, the foolish people had no beginners set, no deal for a newbie to get the basics, no temptation to spend.

I was a little sad to leave the show without the new craft, but fear not! Nikki found a beginners kit in Hobbycraft shortly after and it was soon gifted my way :)

Then it sat. Forgotten in a corner for quite some time. Till Chris turned on Create & Craft TV and got me wanting to spend money on my card making again. Then I remembered I already had a lovely new thing to try :)

Finally last night I got out the kit, sat down for a couple of hours, and made this…


It was fun and fairly fast and created something rather lovely :) It’s a bit wrinkly and needs sticking to some card to flatten it down some! But it’s pretty :)

Tonight I made an actual card…


I think it’s a really lovely effect and I’m looking forward to making the rest of the patterns in the kit and then designing my own :)

What do you think? Have you ever tried parchment craft? What’s your favourite card making technique?

2 Responses to “Parchment Craft”

  1. Great job on your first project!! There’s lots to learn in this ancient art form, but it’s fun, challenging and VERY rewarding!!

    Vickie (Papercrazy)

    • Katherine says:

      Hi Vickie,

      Thanks for your comment :) I’ve just been browsing your blog and I’m very impressed by your work! It’s all so pretty and intricate! :)
      I took a trip to Hobbycraft today so I’m armed with a few more tools and little snippers, so that I can try some cutting :) It’s so pretty and I really enjoyed my first two pieces so I’m eager to make some more :)


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