Vegas – Day 16 – Red Rock Canyon

Today we actually managed to get up early and have a breakfast buffet! :) This was something Chris had been looking forward to, but our mornings seemed to all vanish to either swimming pools or sleep and we kept missing out. So regardless of both getting to bed late, we managed to drag ourselves downstairs for a big tasty start to the day :)

Breakfast Buffet Desserts

Since my feet/legs/ankles/knees were still all so very sore we opted to view Red Rock Canyon by means of the scenic drive :) We stopped at almost every parking place to take photos (and a few other places too!) and did a little geocaching as well :) There were many photos taken, so here’s just a few…

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon

There was also much messing around with Worcle whilst waiting for Chris to take photos ;)

Worcle at Red Rock Canyon

Worcle goes for a drive

Floating Worcle

Next up was a bit of gambling. We stopped by Palms for their swipe and win where I won a Palms bottle opener and Chris got a drink :) Then we headed over to Bellagio to play some Spin Poker, which was fun :D Admittedly, it was probably fun because we were actually winning (for the first time in a while!) but the machine is rather fun :) Chris wants me to tell you all that he got a royal flush ;)

Then we went to Caesars to collect a free medallion and then stopped by Serendipity 3 for some dinner. Chris flashed his (expired) diamond card and not only got us seated very quickly but got us a little VIP sign for our table, though it didn’t seem to do anything but make us feel like everyone was looking at us! The food was good, but served on silly plates! :)

Odd shaped dinner plates

Are we really VIP?

Then we had to go back to the hotel to get packed :( Chris did bring me a nice strawberry daiquiri to make the packing more fun :D Plus we celebrated completing the packing with yummy Ben & Jerry’s ice cream :)

2 Responses to “Vegas – Day 16 – Red Rock Canyon”

  1. Nancy B. says:

    Hi Katherine, I really enjoyed reading your blog. :o) I have to tell you that the pictures you took were awesome, clear and bright! Your blog is appreciated and I almost feel like I was on vacation with you….Almost…LOL! It looks like you two had quite the good time. I’m assuming that you are back in the UK now and getting back to normal. Again, thanks and hope all is well!

    PS Is the blog finished on Day 16?

    • Katherine says:

      Glad you enjoyed reading the blog :) I do actually have one more day to post, apparently I got distracted by kittens and forgot to finish it :) I will try and do that later today.
      It was an awesome holiday :) Getting back into work is a bit of a challenge, want to be out having more fun! I’m sure it won’t be too long till we go away again… probably Florida next in September ;)

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