Vegas – Day 7 – Travelling back to Vegas

Today was the trip back to Vegas. We got up very early and packed and inevitably ended up leaving slightly later than intended. We headed over to LACMA stopping by an IHOP down the road for some breakfast…

Mmmm, breakfast!

We then spent 2 hours wandering around the Tim Burton exhibition at LACMA. It must be odd to be important enough for people to think your childhood scribblings worth displaying! There was lots of cool things to see – drawings showing early inspirations for characters, little excerpts of stories and films. Then there was a gift shop which was hard to drag me away from as I kind of wanted everything but it was all very expensive! I did get a new tshirt and a pack of cards :)

Obviously there was no photography allowed in the exhibition so I can’t show you any of that :(

Then there was the long drive back to Las Vegas… done without stopping quite quickly as we had dinner reservations! I was taking random photos along the drive of silly roadsigns…

Can you guess where the road leads?

ZZyzx Road :o)

Plus the views along the way…

Primm in the distance on a long straight road!

Desert and mountains

We stood waiting in the queue to check in, and then when we finally got there he said he had to go and get our reservation and vanished away for *ages*! Although once we heard which floor we were on and then saw the room we stopped complaining… floor 60 in a suite!! :D It’s awesome! :D

Not only do we have a bar and lounge again, here we have two bathrooms, bathrobes and slippers and a fridge :) Woo yeah! We are also crazily high up and have truly awesome views over Vegas. I took a couple of photos last night before dinner..

Lounge area An excess of beds! His & Hers sinks at Mandalay Bay Jacuzzi!!!

Chris had booked us a romantic dinner at Mix, which is the posh restaurant at the top of the other half of Mandalay Bay called THE hotel (odd!) It was a bit of a dash over there… but then we had a cool ride up in the outside lift :) Felt a little out of place with the size of the wine list, but chose tasty sounding food which was really nummy! I had gnocchi to start followed by lamb with quinoa, Chris had a charcuterie sampler followed by pistachio encrusted halibut. Then we shared profiteroles :)

Gnocchi Lamb something or other
Charcuterie sampler Pistachio encrusted halibut
Profiteroles for 2

The ceiling at Mix…

Ceiling at Mix

The view from the restaurant of where we’re staying…

View of Mandalay Bay from Mix

We had a wander around the pool area on the way back to our room, but it’s all locked up at night. Had a little trip to Walmart to get me some goggles and some more diet coke. Then came back and collapsed as it had been a long day and we needed to be up early!

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