Vegas – Day 5 – Hollywood (LA)

Today was a very lazy day due to extremely sore feet and legs after all the standing round yesterday!

We had a very slow start to the day which started with a trip to IHOP for breakfast (mmmmm, cinn-a-stack pancakes!)

Cinn-a-stack Pancakes at IHOP

Then back to the hotel room to write blogs, sort out photos, have showers, and plan the day. We decided to go and take some photos of interesting places… the obvious one being the Hollywood sign :) This resulted in a lot of photos…

Hollywood sign!

Dam near the Hollywood sign

Worcle ball wants to be in the movies.

We stopped by a geocache so we could log the Worcle ball travelling with us :)

Worcle stops by another tiny geocache

It had taken an awfully long time to get across to the Hollywood sign, so we worked our way slowly back to where dinner was via a couple of silly signs…

Worcle wants a giant hot dog

Amusing shop sign

Then to the Stinking Rose for some very tasty dinner :) (After stopping on a random road to get changed because the restaurant has valet parking so we couldn’t change in the carpark as planned!)

Garlicky surf 'n' turf Garlicky pork chop

Then back to the hotel for snoozes once we were suitably stinky! :)

2 Responses to “Vegas – Day 5 – Hollywood (LA)”

  1. Nancy says:

    Katherine, I just now started reading your blog about your vacation in the good old U.S of A. It looks like you guys are having a blast with a few aggravations that even Americans suffer from; long lines to rides at amusement parks, etc. From past experience, your day was no different than any other day at a park even for us Americans. We have to deal with long lines at Disney World/Land, Seaworld, MGM/Universal, you get the jist. I do agree that they could have been much more accommodating to the people in line. Sounds like you still had lots of fun.

    OKAY…..Finally, please tell me what a geocache is and what one does with it. Also, that camera you’re using to take pics is awesome. They came out so good that the pics you are posting here makes one really feel like they are there themselves! Well, continue on and enjoy!

    • Katherine says:

      I’ve done a lot of theme parks in Florida and never suffered these lines when going out of season during the week… it was a crazy day and left me quite angry as you could probably tell ;)

      Check out the video on for a good explanation :) Basically, it’s grown up treasure hunting :) You have coordinates, where you have to find a little box of some kind, sign the log book to say you’ve found it, and mark it found on the website :) It’s kind of silly, but good fun :)

      The pictures are getting better now I am working out how to use my new camera… still a few arguments with it, but loving my ability to take photos in less than perfect lighting conditions without having to steal Chris’ iPhone! ;)

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