Toy story

The August fibre box from Siobhan’s Crafts was Toy Story themed and came with these 3 glorious batts to spin :o)

Each one opens out to look very much like the little picture included – I really love how Siobhan does this!  They looks so cool :o)  I started with Buzz!

To keep the structure of the batt intact I decided to just tear thin strips off along the batt and spin top to bottom from that photo.  Then I Navajo plied it to keep those colour sections together.  It’s my first real attempt at Navajo plying and I was really pleased with the result :o)

Next up was Woody, with his cowboy hat, red neckerchief, yellow shirt, blue trousers and brown boots, all so cleverly presented inside the batt :o)

I used exactly the same technique and this time wound it more carefully on my niddy noddy so you can see that the colour sequence remains :o)

Finally, the lovely Bo Peep, in colours which are perhaps a little more usual for me, but still match her profile perfectly :o)

Without meaning to this one ended up a smidge thinner and with a little more twist on the plying, I think I was distracted by my TV show ;o)

I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to make with these yet, but I can’t wait to see them used in something! :o)

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