Breed Experiments – Eider

The next fibre is actually from a different seller on Etsy!  This Eider braid came from Ewenique Fibres.  This is not a breed I had heard of before so I was eager to try it!

The colours are beautiful! :o)  The braid is a lot denser than the other I’ve been working with recently.  Pre-drafting took a bit more effort than I expected thanks to the compacted fibres.

Once I’d done the prep work it was a very nice easy spin.  The fibre is reasonably soft too :o)

Working on the blending board with the more compact fibres was again a little challenging, but didn’t hinder my rolag making too much!

There’s not a great deal of variance in the colours to split them up across the board – I tried to get the lighter colours on one side and the bluer ones at the other side, which you can kind of see.

I didn’t manage to line up my colours so well with these, but the finished yarn is still pretty :o)  My consistency is getting better with the woolen techniques, slowly!

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