Sky Gloves

When Angela gave me my spinning wheel she also gave me some fibre to use including this lovely braid from Yummy Yarns for after I’d had some practise ;o)

It’s a beautiful soft mix of merino and tencel which has been hand painted. So pretty!

I laid it out to find the colour repeats and then split the braid into 4 matching pieces. I figured if I spun each of the 4 and plied pairs together I could probably get the colours to all line up :o)

2 pieces all pre-drafted and ready to spin :o) My hands never move as fast as my feet once I’m in front of the wheel and I find a thorough pre-draft really helps me make consistent yarn :o)  I dealt with both pieces I intended to ply together at the same time to try and ensure a similar thickness after drafting.

This is certainly my finest spinning to date and I really love the shimmer from the tencel :o)  It was absolutely beautiful to spin :o)

Plied together you can see the colour repeats aren’t quite lining up, but it’s pretty close ;o)

All finished! :o)  Washed, snapped and ready to knit with :o)

It seems I forgot to actually take any measurements of this yarn… so I can’t tell you how many yards I made, but I can tell you that it’s my first DK weight yarn! Woo! :o)

Shortly after finishing my spinning, Nikki complained about cold hands and liked the colours so I made her a pair of gloves :o)  The colour sections are more subtle now it’s spun and knit than it appeared in the braid, but they’re definitely there :o)  These only used about half of the yarn so I might have to make another pair with the rest :o)

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  1. Patricia says:

    It’s lovely to see how you chose to spin the braid of Merino and Tencel. It’s a useful and pretty blend of two very different fibres and I love dyeing it.

    Breaking up the colours is a bold move because I dyed so they follow each other but often a buyer surprises me and takes a different view of the braid. This is great, love it!

    I would like to have known the yardage you got of DK.

    The gloves, spinning and knitting are Yummy. So glad you enjoyed the fibre.

    • Katherine says:

      I would like to have known the yardage too! Apparently I was just too eager to get knitting with it :o)
      Looking forward to using more of your fibre, I have quite a few sitting in my stash. Need more spinning hours in a day! ;o)

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