Vegas 2013 – Day 15 – Drive-In

Today started with some gambling to earn a free buffet at the Gold Coast :) For free food always tastes best ;)

So far, they are definitely winning on the bread pudding! It was a little untraditional in that it was full of cinnamon, but super tasty! :) Unfortunately, they totally failed to refill my drink which spoilt it somewhat :(

At some point during the morning Chris had come up with an idea for a card game, so next stop was to try and find some playing cards to graffiti with a Sharpie to try it out ;) We ended up at the World’s Largest Gift Store – “If it’s in stock we have it” is their famous tag line :D Used casino cards for just $1.50 a pack seemed the best option, and we chose a selection with different coloured backs so we could tell the various decks apart.

Armed with the equipment we needed, we headed up to the Diamond lounge in the Rio. Clearly everyone else was there for the free food, and we were a little odd just sitting, drinking water, and busily writing on cards and then covering a table in them! :)

I’ll leave the game to your imagination for now as we’re still playing with rule variations and trying to find the most fun way to play :)

Next up was using a Groupon for dinner at Capo’s Italian Steakhouse. It was a little weird to get in… hard to find the door and then being greeted in a silly way, and led through a different door… and then it was super dark inside! However, there was live entertainment and tasty foods :) I had a lasagne, except it wasn’t like any lasagne I’ve had before! There was only a little pasta, sandwiching together some ricotta cheese, crushed meatballs and italian sausage, with melty cheese on top, then swimming in a bowl of tomatoey sauce! Very odd, but very tasty :) Chris had a steak, and we finished it with a chocolate lava cake :)

Once our tummies were full, it was time to brave the daylight outside and dash over to the drive-in before it got dark! Tonight was customer appreciation night – free film! :) There were lots of people there to enjoy the free films, with 4 screens on, and a band playing whilst we waited for it to start :) We watched Wreck It Ralph which was great :) I really like the drive-in :)

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