Call for Beta Testers

This is your chance to get involved! :)

I have one game already with a prototype running, and a number of other ideas in the pipeline.  Now I need you! :)

If you have a Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Android or Symbian device and would like to try out my new games, hunt bugs, make suggestions, and generally just help me out (since I don’t have many test devices myself!) then please register with this blog and leave a comment on this post.  If you could tell me what devices you have and your username if you’ve come from another place I know you, that would be great :)  I’m hoping iPhones and iPod Touches can be added to the list of devices I can work with, but this requires a Mac and an AppStore account for signing (or jail broken devices) so I can’t do that just yet.  Feel free to register if you have an iPhone/iTouch as you’ll still get to see all the screenshots and possibly Windows builds even if I can’t get you a device build for a little while :)

I want to get people involved from the outset so that you can try out the prototypes and let me know what game mechanics work and what just isn’t fun to you.  I want a friendly community of people enjoying my games and helping me make them the best that I can! :)

Update: Apparently Airplay doesn’t support Blackberry at present… I have no idea why my brain decided it did, sorry about that!  If you’ve signed up and only have a Blackberry don’t worry, there will be windows (and maybe linux) builds to play with.  I am hoping to get a prototype build up today in every format I can coerce into building :)
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31 Responses to “Call for Beta Testers”

  1. Nikki says:

    Can I be a beta tester please? :)

    I have a HTC TouchHD with Windows Mobile 6.1

  2. Bryan says:


    I also have an HTC TouchHD and access to an iPod touch.

    I would love to help and play any ideas you come up with

  3. Rupert says:

    Answering the recruitment call!

    …That’s creepily formal, Bryan.

    I have an iPod touch, second generation (not jail broken) and Samsung Omnia with Windows Mobile 6.1

  4. John Pugh says:

    I’ll have a play if you want.

    I have a HTC Diamond 2 with WM 6.5 on, a XDA Orbit with WM 6.0 on, a XDA Wizard with WM 5.0 on and a N95 with Symbian on. Ok, perhaps I have too much…

  5. John Pugh says:

    On another note, please make something that uses the built in accelerometer on WM devices as there isn’t enough!

    • Katherine says:

      The problem with the accelerometer on WM is that it’s not standard across the devices… I have looked into it before, I haven’t checked what Airplay SDK has in the way of support for WM accel, I will investigate :)

      • John Pugh says:

        It must not be far off in HTC devices as they use Teeter on everything….hopefully they don’t use a special build for each one! Resco Bubbles works on a lot too

        • jp24 says:

          Its really weird I just didn’t see that before… I think I just clicked through to the Beta tester post and never saw it.

      • Mike Stackhouse says:

        I know there’s a few games on the xda forums that random people have made that apparently work on all the HTC devices with accelerometers, so it must at least be standard’ish on HTC devices.

  6. Cayden says:

    Ello. Username is my name, thought that would be easy for me to remember. :D

  7. BakerGeckos says:

    Hello I’d Love to Beta Test. You know me Look up my Name :D maybe

    Mike B

  8. Mike Stackhouse says:

    Count me in for Beta testing.

    I have a HTC Touch HD as you know, and my good old Dell Axim X50V (which was one of the most popular PDAs of it’s time, so it’s a good test subject).

    I might be able to fix Nikki’s old HTC phone enough to test on there too. :)

  9. Steven says:

    Hi Kat,
    I’ll test on my Android phone if you want :)

    • Katherine says:

      Thanks! :)

      No Android build today, but next time there should be… Airplay have a slight bug in the build process but will be fixed in next version which I believe is due this week :)

  10. Bubblyfish says:

    More than happy to beta test on my HTC TyTn 11 – looking forward to more games.

    Good luck with your project :)

  11. Magellan says:

    I can help! I have a TMobile G1 with Android 1.6 to test with.

  12. Catman51 says:

    Hi Katherine,
    Thanks for the invite! I have an HTC TouchPro2 with WM 6.5, and would love to test any PPC games.

  13. gavinfabl says:

    Hi Katherine

    Thanks for the invite , my user name from AW is gavinfabl . I have HTC HD2, iphone, old Fujistu Siemens n560 VGA WM 5, android new device soon and probably another 6-12 new phones in the next 12 months.

    Look forward to testing :)


  14. spmwinkel says:

    Hi Katherine,

    Spmwinkel from the AW forums here. :) I can help test for Android, I’m using a HTC Magic (aka MyTouch).

    Looking forward to testing! :)


  15. bteamfox says:


    bteamfox from AW testers here. I have an iPAQ HX4700 VGA 2003 Device.

    Look forward to testing! :)

    • Katherine says:

      Hello! :)
      You’ll need to register an account so I can add you to the beta team which will give you access to the posts containing the download links :)

  16. SuperDan says:

    Hello Kat,

    I’ve registered and am willing to help you with your beta testing. I have an Android phone, currently runs Android 2.1

    Please let me know how I may assist you.



  17. simon29 says:

    Hi Katherine,

    Thanks for the invite. I would love to help with any beta-testing.
    I’ve got a T-Mobile Pulse (android 1.5) and a WM HTC S710.

    Let me know how I can help.



  18. jledesma says:


    I’ll gladly test for Web OS I currently own a Palm Pré

    Glad to be here!


  19. kites085 says:

    Good day!

    Received your PM. Will be willing to test but it will take a day or two to get PPC out and charged. Have few physical projects to complete around the homestead for aging parent and then can assist more fully in your endeavors. Give me a bit to get up to speed. B

  20. heasthope says:

    Hey thank you for letting me know about you creating games for webOS (Palm Pre)…I would love to be able to help you beta test the games you make for the platform!

  21. Larry says:

    Hi Katherine,

    I’m late to the party (as usual) but I’m signed up now so when you’re ready to start testing on iPhone I’ll be very happy to help :)



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