Smile Inducing :o)

Inspired by Attic24‘s “Three Things” posts, here are three things which made me smile over the past few days…

A big pile of DVDs purchased with an Amazon gift voucher my parents gave me for Easter.

There’s something of a Tim Burton theme, and for anyone interested the DVDs are: Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Sleepy Hollow, Ed Wood and 9. Coraline also arrived a couple of days later :)

Baking cookies! :)

I love the spritz cookie maker I was given for Christmas, it’s so easy to make cookies with! :) This batch were just the classic recipe, decorated with some very sparkly “barbie glitter icing gels” I was also given as a present. Rupert, Bryan and I had great fun getting icing, silver balls, chocolate sprinkles, hundreds & thousands, glace cherries and the like everywhere :) They tasted pretty good too ;)

Watching my garden grow :)

Can you see all those little specs of green? In that photo there are radish, lettuce, leeks, purple and white sprouting broccoli, spring onion and carrot growing. No sign of the courgette or runner beans, but I’m not giving up on them yet :) The strawberry back left was a bit of cheating, since it was transplanted out of the middle of the gravel patch (no idea how it got there!) in the hopes of keeping it away from the ants so we can eat some this year.
Inside I have some flowers growing, and this morning I caught a first glimpse of green in the pepper tray! :) It’s all very exciting… if they would just grow a little bit faster, I want to eat them already! ;)

What has made you smile over the last few days? :)

2 Responses to “Smile Inducing :o)”

  1. Bubblyfish says:

    A pair of robins playing on the washing line while I sat in the sunshien eating lunch, the circus and my car looking like it has the measles due to yellow pollen spots all over it (actually I think I smiled more yesterday after I removed the measles).

  2. Zoe Corkhill says:

    Those cookies look very tasty! I need to bake some classic sugar cookies – my Mum used to make them for us and with us when we were kids and I haven’t had a proper homemade one for absolutely ages!

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