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For those of you reading this blog who haven’t signed up to be part of the beta testing, you might be thinking that I never post. I do… it’s just all hidden! ;) So I thought I should write some posts which everyone could see.

Today’s post is going to be about the websites I frequent and why I find myself spending time on them. Places you should maybe consider having a little look at to see if they might interest you too :)
In no particular order…

If you are in any way knitting, crochet, weaving or other yarn related craft inclined, this is the site for you! This site eats up rather more of my day than I’d care to admit to, thanks to its HUGE pattern database which I browse for ideas, and the very chatty forums. There are people around to help when you can’t figure out a new technique, groups where you can chat about the latest episode of your favourite TV show (including ideas on how to create any knitted/crocheted items seen) and so much more. It helps me keep track of projects, tries to organise my stash (though I have more than I’d ever admit to!) and has a lovely community.

Another craft related item, this time a blog. Lucy documents her life in beautiful, colourful photos. Her posts are almost always upbeat and cheery, full of random moments from her day, and never fail to make me smile. I love Lucy, and I bet you will too! :)

Camp Chemist
Following on the blogging theme, I have a friend from Stafford Concert Band who studies chemistry up at Keele Uni. He’s started writing a blog and I’m sure he’d love some more readers. His posts could do with a spell check ;) But he’s generally quite interesting, talking about chemistry, astronomy, and his days.

Stafford Concert BandStafford Concert Band
Since I mentioned them, I thought I would add a linky to their Facebook page. I would link to their site, but it’s updated even less often. I’ve been playing with them for a few years now and have just been “promoted” to first clarinet (i.e. none of our current first clarinettists can make it to some of the concerts this year!) We play at quite a lot of fetes during the summer, and are always looking for new members! :)

Paper or Plastic?
Some of you may remember Astragali from the Astraware beta forums, but I don’t know how many of you will know he writes a web comic. The art might not be stunning (but then xkcd is just stick men) but the comic always makes me laugh :)

Walker Tracker
With the current trend for everyone to feel a need to get fitter, I’ve found one good way to keep myself moving is by wearing a pedometer. Walker Tracker gives you somewhere to write down your daily steps, provides nice little graphs, and has a competition area to keep you motivated.

Conceptis PuzzlesConceptis Puzzles
A site full of lovely Japanese logic puzzles to steal away your free time. I love the ones which make pictures in particular. They have a free one in each section every week, and more if you’re willing to pay.

Hopefully one or more of those links got clicked, and I showed you something new :) Just don’t blame me if you spend the rest of today reading the Ravelry forums, playing logic puzzles, or reading comic/blog archives! ;)
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