Vegas – Finally Buffets & Gambling!

After the excitement of the wedding I’m not sure the rest of my blog posts can possibly compete!

Yesterday I spent most of the morning getting the wedding post finished. The internet was slowing me down!

We started the day with a buffet at the Gold Coast – amazingly our first buffet of the trip so far!


Getting the post finished got us kicked out of the buffet, then roasted on a bench in the sunshine, and then finished whilst sat on the cold car park stairs! Now that’s dedication ;)

Once done we finally gambled! Turned Chris’ free slot play into a win and then got free blankets at Orleans :)

We stopped to watch the planes at the airport whilst eating a sandwich and waiting for Colette to arrive and then dropped her at the Quad. This was followed by a drive down the strip to admire the neon :)


We finished the day with food delivered by rollerskate at Sonic :)


Today we had to check out of Rio and into Sams Town. I’ve never stayed here before – it’s quite out of the way but a nice place :) We tried to play for a free buffet but then discovered it was the wrong day! So we went to TGI Fridays instead.


Very tasty spaghetti and meatballs from the specials menu outside the restaurant – so special the waitress had never known anyone order from it before!

We spent a lot of the day playing at Palms to earn a $25 gift card. Just as we were about to stop, this happened…


My first ever Royal Flush! Woo! :D

We celebrated with Panda Express and Blizz :)

20131009-012251.jpg 20131009-012300.jpg

Then it was off to MGM to watch Ka, a Cirque show. We had awesome seats to watch the amazing acrobatics :) I loved it! Particularly the spinning wheels combined with skipping ropes! Craziness! :)

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