Apparently I can’t focus on one craft project at a time right now. After dabbling on eBay and gaining some fun things for my parchment craft (a year of magazines with lovely patterns, more templates and stencils and card blanks) I haven’t done any more. In my defence, I had an incident with a bread knife and didn’t feel particularly capable of anything intricate.

So I did some knitting. My huge fluffy blanket is now past halfway! :)


Apparently, it’s impossible to take a photo of the blanket without a cat on it! They do seem to love the fluffy! :)

My pretty summery cotton top got to the point where I really needed to try it on and stopped because I needed a longer cable. I ordered and waited and waited, finally realising I’d ordered them to the wrong address! I have now tried it on and it fits so far :)


In the mean time though I started a plaited rug made from strips of denim taken from old jeans. It requires quite a lot of sewing which I’m not so fond of, and hence a lot of my eyes. Not a project for in front of TV I want to watch!


Saturday I decided I wanted to make some coasters :) A few hours later I had 4 rather pretty ones:

Then I finished off a fifth in a lacy pattern Sunday morning which might get a second to match later.


Then I decided I wanted to make placemats and am now halfway through the second one of those!


Oh and because I got my new cables I also got my new sock needles and want to start a pair!

I really need to focus on finishing some things and not keep starting things! :)

8 Responses to “Startitis”

  1. Colette says:

    Welcome to my world!

    • Katherine says:

      I finished the second placemat last night :) I think I might have just needed some smaller projects for a bit, the giant ones are a little daunting sometimes!

  2. Angela says:

    I really know where you got that habit from! I have two unfinished knitted projects from pre-2000!!!!

    • Katherine says:

      hehe, there are more projects on the go not even listed here thanks to them having been in hibernation for quite some time. I can think of two tops I started but wasn’t convinced by after getting about halfway through, so they’re sitting in bags waiting for me to decide what to do with them. Probably more half projects if I went digging through the huge stash pile… but it’s better left undisturbed until I need something ;)

  3. Nikki says:

    Well they look like nice projects :o) You’re doing slightly better than me, I’ve just managed to buy the things I need for a number of different projects and not actually started any of them yet… one day, honest..

    • Katherine says:

      What projects are on your todo list then? :) Chris says I need 4 table mats for it to count as a set, preferably with matching coasters… bah! I thought I could count it finished after two ;)

      • Nikki says:

        Urm, well there’s obviously the piles of fabric I have for clothes that I’ve not got around to, but more recently(ish), I got some fun patchwork fabric for a cover for my embroidery machine, some fabric for a bag, chirimen fabric to make various Kanzashi flowers from the book I got for Christmas… I’m sure there’s more. Maybe when I’ve relocated my desk and craft stuff into the new room, I might actually get around to something, or I’ll get distracted by something else instead…

        I think you can have a ‘tea for two’ set of place mats and coasters

        • Katherine says:

          Ooooo, you should make pretty Kanzashi flowers and turn them into a hair slide for me ;)
          Have now finished two coasters to go with the two placemats and started a third… at least it’s an easy but kinda fun pattern :) Also, good stash busting which made me not feel so guilty when I finally gave in and bought some gorgeous purple yarn from a friend on Ravelry ;)

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